Hey Girl. Happy Anniversary. Let’s leverage some cuddling to optimize this celebration. 
(Yes, SVRG is one year old today. Thank you to everyone who has followed, shared, liked, and been a part of this.)
Hey girl. I know you’re stressed about launching your social media campaign.  But don’t you worry. I know it’s going to be Awe.sm
(thanks to Team Awe.sm for their help!)

Valentine’s Day vs Women 2.0 Conference 
Women 2.0 Conference is on Feb 14 at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA! Get out there!
Hey girl. I’d walk all the way from my SoMa office to your FiDi office, just to see you smile. 
Hey girl.  I know you’re tired from a year of bootstrapping.  Here, let me rub your feet.
Hey girl. Congratulations on the new job.  You look great in golden handcuffs.
Hey girl.  I’m sorry Google is autocorrecting your domain name rendering your site unsearchable.  Let’s have some wine and come up with a workaround.  
Hey girl.  Congratulations on getting written up in Women 2.0.  I love seeing women in tech supporting one another.  

Hey girl.  I definitely think you should use “200% increase” instead of “50 new users.”  It makes you sound as impressive as I know you are.  
Hey girl.  I’m sorry Sean Parker didn’t reply to your really nice email asking him to join your advisory board.  Let’s make some hot cocoa and browse AngelList.