Hey girl.  I know it’s been a while but I noticed you updated your website. That just updates my love. 
And in other news, I have completely overhauled my website for more pleasure and better sensation. 
Hey girl.  Don’t you worry about Facebook flagging your Tumblr as “potentially harmful.” It just means you are on the right track.  I’ll always have your back, girl.  
And Facebook, I’m flipping you the ASCII bird for flagging my other blog because of this.
Hey girl. Surprise! I’m taking you on a romantic weekend getaway to a secluded beach just for us.  But don’t worry- I picked up a 4G USB modem just in case you need it.  

(Sorry for the radio silence!)
"Introducing SVRG’s Meme Goddess"

Thank you so much to Jennifer Leggio for this rad write-up in Forbes!  ”Meme Goddess” is the best title- can I put that on my business cards?

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