Hey girl.  I know it’s been a while but I noticed you updated your website. That just updates my love. 
And in other news, I have completely overhauled my website for more pleasure and better sensation. 
Hey girl.  Don’t you worry about SOPA.  Our love will never be censored.  
(But your websites will be. So please call your representative.)
Hey girl.  Leaving before you wake up in the morning is like pulling out the USB without ejecting it properly.  I just feel so lost. 
Hey girl.  I’m sorry Google is autocorrecting your domain name rendering your site unsearchable.  Let’s have some wine and come up with a workaround.  
Hey girl.  I promise I’ll always send an error report if your site crashes.  I know how helpful that is.  
Hey girl.  I really appreciate your passion for cross-browser compatibility.