Hey girl.  I know it’s been a while but I noticed you updated your website. That just updates my love. 
And in other news, I have completely overhauled my website for more pleasure and better sensation. 
Hey girl. I’m sorry no one replied to your thoughtful comment on Techcrunch.  Let’s get some ice cream and talk about market saturation. 
Hey girl.  I’m really sorry your new app idea didn’t “impress” the hackathon judges. You impress me just by smiling.
Hey girl.  I know how much you hate vaporware so I’m not going to bother you until I have a functioning demo.  
Hey girl.  I know we’re only at the seed round but I feel like we could take this all the way to acquisition. 
Hey Girl.  I’m about to go IPO. Let’s take advantage of the quiet period.
Hey girl. This database needs a lot of maintenance but I can run those SQL scripts later. I’d rather cuddle now.