Hey girl. It’s too bad my LinkedIn password was hacked.  I really enjoyed logging in with “mygirlrocks.”
Hey girl.  I know it’s been a while but I noticed you updated your website. That just updates my love. 
And in other news, I have completely overhauled my website for more pleasure and better sensation. 
Hey girl, I’m hungry.  Can I be your +1 at a Girl Geek Dinner?
Submitted by Sukrutha Raman Bhadouria for Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners.  (definitely does compute!)
Hey girl.  Calling out systemic sexism within tech needs to be done by the whole community.  And that’s the kind of callout validator we really need.
SVRG responds to this and this. 
Hey girl.  Don’t you worry about Facebook flagging your Tumblr as “potentially harmful.” It just means you are on the right track.  I’ll always have your back, girl.  
And Facebook, I’m flipping you the ASCII bird for flagging my other blog because of this.

Valentine’s Day vs Women 2.0 Conference 
Women 2.0 Conference is on Feb 14 at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA! Get out there!
Hey girl.  I really miss seeing you around the office.  Without you, my heart feels like a failed hard drive… nothing can fill the empty space. 
The End of a Micro Era: When to Quit That Meme


By Lian Amaris, author of #SVRG, for The Next Web

Finding a new meme is like those first few dates with someone you just met and are really into: you laugh all the time, you’re excited about everything they do, you want to hear every word they have to say. If you really like them, you are checking back with them constantly, giving them all of your attention, and telling your friends about how great they are. But soon, their stories get a little repetitive; they start to lose your attention, and you might even start to look elsewhere for other attractive offerings…


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Hey girl.  Censorship can ruin a magic moment.  STOP SOPA. 
Please call and write your representative.
Here is more SVRG on SOPA.
To clarify for those who seem to be confused, censorship of RG’s private parts isn’t actually an issue of SOPA (I was being clever and strategic with the well-known “censorship” black-out banner). However, my use of the photographic film still and your reblogging it falls squarely within SOPA territory.  So please click that representative link above and speak out against SOPA. 
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Hey girl.  Oh, your whiteboard is full?
Here, use my chest.